Condo owners approach their insurance needs in a slightly different manner than homeowners and renters. For this reason, agents need to take a specialized approach to purchasing condo insurance leads and selling to consumers.

As an agent, it is your responsibility to educate the buyer on what type of coverage they need. By regularly purchasing condo insurance leads, you will find yourself in constant contact with owners who are interested in insuring their property.

There are two ways to purchase condominium insurance leads with online vendors:

  • ¬†Through an online lead generation service that sells targeted leads based on information received from condo owners
  • By filtering home insurance leads by type of property (single family, condo, rental, etc.)

Since condo insurance does not typically cost as much as home insurance, many agents overlook this market. Subsequently, there is less competition and a higher probability of a sale with potentially affluent prospects.


The following companies sell condo insurance leads throughout the United States.

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