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Overlooked by many agents, mortgage life insurance leads can be quite profitable when approached properly.

The main challenge associated with mortgage life insurance leads is keeping enough prospects in the pipeline. Since this type of insurance is not a necessity, many people put off the buying process. However, once a consumer realizes the benefits of buying mortgage life insurance they are generally hooked.

As a knowledgeable agent, there is a good chance that you can close a large number of leads with this type of engaged prospect – but only if you can get in touch with buyers at the point they are ready to move forward. This is when buying mortgage life insurance leads makes good sense.

When you purchase a lead, you know that the buyer is interested in speaking with you about your products and services. Additionally, you don’t have to spend your own time cold calling or prospecting through another time consuming strategy.

The following companies sell mortgage life insurance leads direct to agents and brokers.

Mortgage Life Insurance Lead Companies best mortgage life insurance leads


  • Best Overall Selection of Lines & Filters
  • High Volume Vendor
  • 50% Discount Offer

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InsureMe Agents

  • Extensive Lead Filtering Tools
  • Flexible Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

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50% Deposit Match (Up to $500)

Hometown Quotes

  • Good Lead Selection & Filters
  • All Support Reps are Insurance Agents
  • 50% Deposit Match Bonus

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