NetQuote Review
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Month after month, NetQuote spends tens of millions of dollars to ensure that they maintain the largest lead marketplace for insurance agents and brokers. As leads are generated, agents have the ability to purchase based on lead type and location.

The ability to buy leads in high volume is one of the biggest benefits of NetQuote. However, the company competes with other industry providers in additional key areas.

With its four tiered “quality engine” NetQuote only provides the highest quality leads to agents. This system focuses on the following details:

  • All leads must pass through an advanced filter
  • Invalid phone numbers are blocked
  • No duplicate leads
  • Agents have the ability to choose their own risk filter

NetQuote’s LiveLead program is meant to make the sales process even easier for agents. With this, the agent does not have to make the initial contact with a prospect. Instead, NetQuote handles this task. Once the consumer is qualified to buy, the call is transferred live to the agent via phone.

For agents who are new to buying insurance leads online, NetQuote University serves as a jumping-off point. This is the company’s training school that provides agents with all the tools and knowledge needed to earn more money.

Although NetQuote does not provide upfront pricing, their prices are competitive with the rest of the industry. Since every agent is unique, the cost per lead is based on your personalized strategy. Factors that affect pricing include but are not limited to: lead volume, geographical area, and lead type.


Leads Offered

  • Auto Insurance Leads
  • Business Insurance Leads
  • Health Insurance Leads
  • Home Insurance Leads
  • Life Insurance Leads
  • Renters Insurance Leads
  • Medicare Leads

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